What are Lash Extenstions?

Lash Extensions are a synthetic fibre commonly called Silk or Mink individually applied to your natural eyelash.



How long will my Lash Extensions last?

Lash Extensions life will differ from person to person but with the correct application and correct aftercare at home, Eyelash Extensions can last between 4 - 6 weeks.  However it is highly recommended to book your infills from 2-3 weeks to keep your lash line maintained and to prevent lashes twisting as they grow out.



Will I feel my Lash Extension?

No.  With correct application you should not feel your lash extensions.



How long will it take to apply Eyelash Extensions?

Please allow 1-2 hours for Classics and 2 - 3 hours for Russian Volume



How many lashes are applied?

This depends on the client and the clients lashes.  For a natural look it can be between 30-60 lashes per eye.  If a fuller more dramatic look is required 60-100 lashes per eye.  It is important to note we can only lash and enhance what is available.



Can they be removed?

Yes, they can be removed by a trained technician.  It is important that you do not try and remove them yourself as you may damage your natural lash.



Can I wear Make-Up?

Yes, but it is preferrable to use oil-free products.  Products with an oil base will damage the bond between your natural lash and the synthetic lash causing them to fall off prematurely.  The use of mascara is not advised however should you find the need to wear mascara, ensure that it is water soluble.  We stock a fantastic brand  of Mascara especially formulated for lash extensions.



What are infills and when should I get them?

Lash Infills are required to replace any lashes that have naturally shed or are starting to grow out and twisted.  To maintain your lashes, Infills are required at 2, 3 or 4 weeks depending on individual.  2 weeks is preferred.  Please see my pricing structure on infills.  Clients with less than 50% of lashes will incur Full Set Price.




What is the best way to look after my Lash Extensions?

Follow the general aftercare instructions given at the end of the appointment and remember to cleanse them regularly.



Can anyone have Eyelash Extensions?

Generally Yes! However there are some exceptions.  Current or recent eye infections will need to have been cleared by your GP before appointment.  If you have recently Tinted your lashes a waiting period of 3-5days is required or if you have had your lashes Permed, upto 8 weeks waiting time.  Always remember this treatment is to enhance the natural lashes available.



Why do you have a Cancellation Policy?

When cancellation takes place with in a 24hr period it is very hard to fill this spot and due to my limited availability, I am very likely to have had to turn another person away who may have wanted this time and day. A cancellation policy was put in to place so that I can assure my clients of this dedicated time. 

If I do not work, I do not earn.  I try to accomodate all of my clients and appreciate that this is reciprocated by respecting my time is valuable too.  


Why Do you have to remove lashes from another Salon?

Legally I am bound by my insurance that only covers my products and my work.  Personally, I like to ensure that work is smooth and perfected.  We all work differently as Lash Artists and it can be difficult to achieve that seamless look when infilling others work.



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