At Lash & Brow on Fairways, we only use synthetic/Faux Lashes in Silk or Mink.  These lash extensions come in varying lengths and thicknesses so that we may tailor a look especially for you.  Our Lashes are grafted on to your single natural lash using specially formulated, top quality, semi-permanent adhesive for eyelash extensions .  Eyelash Extensions are great for Everyday wear, Weddings, Special Occasions and are perfect for the busy Ladies as you will not need to wear Mascara. Eyelash Extensions will enhance your eye giving your lashes a fuller, thicker and longer appearance.


Lash Extensions will not damage your natural lash IF applied properly and by trained technicians.  Lash Extensions will grow out with your natural lash.  Our natural lashes have 3 revolving growth cycles, in layman terms we have Baby Lashes, Teenage Lashes and Adult Lashes.  Lashes are only applied to the Teenage and Adult Lashes.  As these lashes grow out, Infills are required to maintain fullness replacing the lashes that fallen out naturally and correction of lashes that are still growing but may have twisted. 

Russian Volume is an advanced technique that is still very new to Australia.  It is the process where 2 - 6 ultra fine lashes are handmade to resemble a fan.  This fan is then applied to a single natural lash to give a gorgeous full volume look.







































  • Classic Full Set $120


  • Hybrid Full Se​​t $140

  • 3D Volume Full Set $160

  • Russian Volume Full Set $220


  • Mega Volume Full Set $299

*Please notify at the time of booking if you currently have lash extensions from another Salon as you must book in for a removal before attending this appointment.


* Please choose appropriate infill that corresponds to the length of time since your last appointment.  Light Infill will be upto 14 days since last appointment. Medium Infill is upto 21days since last appointment and Heavy Infill is upto 28days since your last appointment.  Anything over 28days will be classified as a New Set.


* Please note that due to my business being a home based salon, I do not have a waiting area.  Please do not bring friends, partners or children. We ask that you use this time especially for your own relaxation.

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